SIAM STUDIO PRAHA Japanese and Thai Courses in Prague


Testimonials for Japanese lessons

[…] Pattarawan-sensei is a great teacher, really friendly and her lessons are fun, but still very educating. I especially value the N4 training class, where I learned a lot, we were training intensively for all parts of this test and I feel that anyone can make a great progress in this class even if they don’t participate in JLPT test. […]

Jan Suttner,
student at Dept. of Japanology, Charles University in Prague

[…] Her attitude to work exceeds Czech standards. She is devoted teacher, who is well prepared for every lesson. However it does not mean she is cold academic sensei, her energetic personality and sense of humour make fun to learn language. I recommend Japanese courses lectured by Pattarawan.

Ladislav Žižka,
iOS Developer

[…] She helps you understand the little nuances in the language that are otherwise quite untranslatable. And she was always incredibly sweet and mindful of the students’ needs and desires – whenever we wanted to slow down, come back to a topic, explain something further, practice something more, etc., it was never a problem. Pattarwan was always ready and willing to help with anything. […]

Eliška Zunová,
Student (Faculty of Arts, Charles University)