SIAM STUDIO PRAHA Japanese and Thai Courses in Prague

Courses Offered

General courses


  • Introduction of phonetics: sounds and letters;
  • General expressions; greetings, compliments, apologies, etc.;
  • Simple and practical dialogues of self-introduction, counting,
  • requesting and telling phone numbers, daily use vocabulary and expressions;
  • Acquiring basic grammar structures; Practice basic reading and writing simple sentences.


  • Expanded communication skills in daily situations; shopping, asking and telling the way/time, talking about one’s own family, etc. with more complex grammar structures;
  • Practice reading and writing more complex sentences and paragraphs.


  • Expanded communication skills in daily situations with more complex grammar structures.
  • At this level;
  • Learners express their opinions on simple topics assigned;
  • Practice reading short articles and writing essays.


  • Learners read long articles and discuss the issues on topic assigned;
  • Acquisition of more advanced grammatical structures.

Courses on request

Language for travelers

  • This course is designed for learners who plan to travel to Thailand/Japan.
  • Learners will practice basic daily conversations that they will encounter while traveling in Thailand/Japan. Also, cultural awareness: DO’s and DON’Ts are also introduced to help make the trip successful and meaningful.

Intensive Courses

  • For learners requiring instruction within a shorter, limited time period.

Tuition Fees

(Including teaching materials.)

Classes of:

  1. One to One = 350 Kč / 60 mins. You can learn at your own pace and schedule.
  2. Small group of two = 300 Kč / person / 60 mins.
  3. Small group of three = 250 Kč / person / 60 mins.

(More economical with classmates participating in the learning process)

* 5% discount with advance payment for the entire course (10 hours / 15 hours).

First trial lesson of 60mins is FREE!